Have you ever watched that brilliant Corona commercial with nothing but sand, surf, and no script and thought to yourself ‘I wish that was my life?’ Make it your life. Now. Because today we head to the beach where said famed commercial was filmed. So Carpe Diem, YOLO, whatever the kids are saying these days, just go chase that serenity. Unless you want to park yourself on the bow, work on that tan and ‘hydrate’. That’s cool too.  Afterwards, we head back to Ivan’s Stress Free Bar (we couldn’t make this stuff up) for an equally low key volleyball tournament. Don’t worry, we’re not competitive about anything except everything. 

After the tournament victors have been crowned and taken their rightful place at the head of the flotilla, we will quite literally sail off into the sunset. Get your cameras ready, it was on this exact sunset sail that the hashtag #nofilter was coined. Okay, we made that up... but trust us, it's unreal.

Tonight we head back towards Tortola because this little gem deserves a bit more TLC. This is a divide and conquer sort of night - some groups will dance the night away in Cane Garden Bay; some will head to Frenchman’s for views, pools and real wine glasses; and some will stay put in Sopers. You know yourself best, so you do you.