north sound, virgin gorda

Revert to childhood and play tag through the most insane rock formations at the Baths, and then hop back aboard your yacht to circumnavigate the top of the island as we head up to North Sound. Welcome to a Yachtie’s paradise: Yacht Club Coasta Smeralda, Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock Resort all find themselves nestled snuggly within the same bay. Put on your poshest British accent and scout the Super Yachts from the YCCS infinity pool, or hang out on the patio at Saba Rock and enjoy the free show as kiteboarders grind the restaurant railing. Whatever you want to get up to, Bitter End likely offers it; the place is pretty much an activity junkie’s Disney Land with dinghy sailing, paddle boarding and kayaks galore. Alternatively, lace up your sneakers and hit the trails; VG boasts an elevation of 1370’ and some pretty spectacular views, including a simultaneous vantage of both the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea. Top that Snapchat story, Kylie Jenner.