Meet Liz. She’s an ex finance 9-5er who gave up Monday morning meetings and spreadsheets for beachside yoga classes and non-profit fundraising. A Boston native and Bard College grad, she went to the Caribbean two years ago and never came back. And you know what? We think she is on to something. 

Much like her favorite juice combo (pineapple, celery, apple, ginger), Liz is a hybrid of all sorts of deliciousness. She speaks Chinese, crunches numbers and floats through a dancefloor. She truly brings the warmth and heart to The Soul Sail… as well as the puppies, savasanas and ice cream. Want to be besties? Say hi:


Meet Tyler. He’s a homegrown island boy so local that even the mosquitos don’t bite him. The kind of kid who saved up for a boat before he could even drive a car. Tyler cites his key attributes as: finding shade, talking his way into and out of anything, climbing up and jumping off of everything, as well as being ridiculously understanding and inclusive. But don't be fooled, this laid back tai-chi master also holds a BA in Environmental Economics from Brown University, where he represented his alma mater on the varsity sailing team.

After college, Tyler’s love for board shorts and flip flops sent him home to the islands, where he picked up a consulting job just long enough to put it down. Now adays he is diving headfirst into manifesting his dreams at the helm of The Soul Sail. He continues to perfect the art of barefoot dancing, and inspires himself and those around him to continuously push past their comfort zones. He likes yoga, meditation and creativity, but this guy has no fear of adrenaline - he was built with a need for speed. Tyler can and will talk to anybody in his quest to one day save the world. Wanna chat with him? Get the conversation going:


Meet James. Bow down, James is our own real live legend and born entrepreneur. A few odd years ago, young James broke his neck in a surfing accident and was told he would never walk again. Though he’s far from headstrong, he thought ‘forget that’ and opted to undergo experimental therapy. We’re pretty sure they did some sort of superman voodoo in the surgery, because this man is absolute magic. Lucky for us, James brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his extraordinary travels, including how to (happily) rise at barbarous hours of the morning, how to infect those around him with the 7 minute workout, and how to take some of the best danged photos you’ve ever seen.

James has openly been allowing adventure to guide him from the get go. After heading the family business for a few years as CEO of one of Australia’s largest construction firms, Kell took a hiatus from large scale corporate life to launch social-experiment-turned-glaringly-successful-enterprise, China Climb. He’s since traded mountains for oceans, though he claims he’s been sailing since he was negative six months old. Recently, he has helped devise and execute flotilla holidays with some of the biggest names in the game, so we’re pretty stoked he calls The Soul Sail home. Then there’s the whole heart of gold thing, with all his social entrepreneurship ventures in developing nations, like Tribe Photo. James is no ordinary legend, come bask in his glory:


Meet Maya, the Canadian turbine in The Soul Sail machine. This west coast girl actually has a tendency to get a little seasick, but somehow the allure of the ocean keeps calling her back. Maya's resume is about as all over the place as she is, but she considers that a good thing. From experience in tech start ups in SF to non-profits in BC & Montreal, and from a small boutique hotel chain  to one of Canada's oldest and largest financial firms, there isn't much that stumps her. 

While hanging out at the University of California, Berkeley, Maya thoroughly enjoyed a self-directed education in the fine art of Napa Valley reds. And the whites too - particularly those big, buttery chardonnays. Passionate about people, philanthropy and travel, Maya loves those serendipitous moments of discovery - finding the perfect cafe di latte in Capri in or nasi goreng in Nusa Dua. When she’s not chasing that perfect sunset moment, you’re likely to find her making a mess in the kitchen, reading political autobiographies, pairing wine and cheese or working with children with autism. At the end of the day, you have to respect Maya’s die-hard appreciation for the finer details in life. Skiing, the Henley Royal Regatta and exotic infinity pools top her list of personal favorites, which means there is always a tendency towards luxury whenever Maya is present around The Soul Sail's kitchen table . Want to experience her version of the good life? Drop her a line at