Jost Van Dyke

A small island to the west of the BVI, Jost is an extremely popular day stop for tourists and locals alike. The spectacular beaches and panoramic hikes are some of the most widely photographed in the Caribbean.  After some optional morning yoga and a few spontaneous swim stops,  we drop anchor in Little Harbour for an authentic JVD experience. But don’t fret, if you’re feeling touristy you can hop in a taxi or a scooter and check out all the unique gems this island has to offer. 

This year The Soul Sail takes place one month out from the Cannes Film Festival, and while we don’t have a red carpet for you to walk, we offer a pretty unique screening experience: under the stars, sand between your toes, waves crashing in the background, and the private attention of Bee Line Bar’s finest bartenders. When we promise you The Soul Sail is an experience you’ll never forget, this is what we’re talking about. For all you single babes out there, maybe this is the opportunity to snuggle up to that special new friend you’ve made. You know you deserve better than the standard Netflix and Chill.