How To Pack for a Sailing Trip

Popular Question: I've never been sailing before, what do I need to pack?


Answer: Please feel free to leave your jackets, heels and boots at home. We are sailing some of the most exotic waters known to the planet, and these relics of your previous life are best left at home.


What you can bring for a sailing trip includes:


  • A duffel bag to hold all of your items (rolling luggage is difficult to store on the boat)
  • Long sleeve shirts to shelter you from the searing Caribbean sun, or tanks if you're ready for the heat.
  • Comfortable shorts- athletic or board- for climbing around the boat and pulling lines with ease.
  • Bathing suits for when the crew has you covered and you get a chance to tan on the bow.
  • Fishing lines for deep sea grocery shopping.
  • Sunglasses that are polarized, to also shelter you from the searing Caribbean sun.
  • A waterproof stereo to blast your favorite tunes while cruising the waves.
  • A towel for drying off after a quick dip in the sea.
  • A sunhat or snapback to keep the sun off of your face.
  • Sunscreen for face and body.
  • A sweater for chillier days or nights on the water, when the sun is hiding behind the clouds and the winds picked up a few knots.
  • If you're prone to sea sickness, a good box of dramamine from your local pharmacy is perfect to keep you going. For the more holistic minded, these pressure wrist bands or a drop of ginger essential oil will do the trick.


Aside from these essentials, The Soul Sail is all about being outside with hiking, yoga classes, and group activities at night. You'll want to bring any other clothing and accessories that will help you feel comfortable in all of these settings (leggings, khakis, dresses, button downs, etc...). We look forward to whatever you bring, but more than anything, we're amped for you to bring your friends!