Why a Non Sailor Continues To Sail - maya's opinion (she has a lot of them)

I can only tie the most basic knot, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about a pressure system, and I always seem to conveniently forget that I get violently sea-sick until we’re underway. And yet, I continue to sail. Or at least, I look for any and all opportunities to get out on the water and explore. Lucky for me, I have a bevy of extremely capable and generous sailor friends that always seem to indulge me.

So why sail? Because it is bar none the best way to experience this big bad world, completely unhindered by conventional travel restrictions. When you sail, there are no ferry schedules or transfer rules to abide by - you go where you want, when you want. And there is something incomparably liberating about that. Because exploration is about the road untravelled, and the most fulfilling adventures are the ones you stumble upon. Playing basketball with dozens of children in a remote island village in the Philippines is one of my most treasured travel memories, an experience that would have been absolutely impossible if we weren’t sailing. Because real freedom is born at sea. And because there is something incredibly sexy about yachts… and the captains who have learned to pilot them. 

In fact, tomorrow I think I’ll challenge myself to learn a new knot.