What is the Soul Sail?

Since launching The Soul Sail trailer back in December, we've been asked the same question over and over again. What is The Soul Sail?

We are all about living a full life- sailing with friends around the British Virgin Islands, while blending in with the environment. We support local establishments, entrepreneurs and businesses that might normally go unnoticed as they humbly focus on providing organic food, working within their community, and providing experiences that are unparalleled. From yoga on a helipad, to sunrise hikes and organic farm to table breakfasts. From learning to kite surf to kicking back for a movie screening under the moon. We are committed to helping you discover all four corners of the islands we visit. Our day events are designed to be exhilarating activities that expand your horizons, and our evenings are filled with laid back events that take the thrill down to chill and allow you to connect with your fellow Soul Sailors.

In a world of selfies and screens, we answer the question "Why are you always on your phone?”.

Because you've never had as compelling a reason to look up.