The crossing from Virgin Gorda to Anegada offers some of the best sailing you might ever do. These days, travel guides have abused buzzwords like ‘pristine, untouched, and paradise’ so much that they all make us gag. But when this low-lying island suddenly appears on the horizon half-way through a cruisy sail, we guarantee you will be blown away by this pristine, untouched paradise. Even on its tip-toes, the island only stands 8.5m tall, giving rise to its name, Tierra Anegada - Drowned Land. Home to strikingly magnificent coral reefs and long, perfect, secluded white sand beaches, Anegada truly is a world apart from anything else you’ve experienced. It’s also a pretty world-class arena to try out (or perfect) your skills on a kiteboard.The main industry of Anegada is lobster. Yeah, you read that right, this island literally lives off its abundant, delicious, succulent lobster. We’ve partnered with a local restaurant to bring you the freshest catch of the day, so do us the honor and join us for a private Diner en Blanc on the beach. We’ll wine and dine you on lobster and champagne, serenade with you a few acoustic guitarists, throw in some mood lighting and see where the night goes. Oh yeah, also… Pink flamingos inhabit the island. Welcome to your own personal episode of the Bachelor(ette). We literally couldn’t wingman any harder for you if we tried.