Our Story

We are a few ex-corporates who plunged into our passions and now live in the Virgin Islands. We believe that life is worth living fully, and somewhere between the 9-5 and keeping up with Joneses, we all seem to have forgotten that. So we came together to create an annual experience that married a few of our favorite things: exploration, good vibes, and the sea. This is anything but your average holiday. It's about getting together with a few of your oldest friends and a few of your newest friends you've yet to meet, boarding some yachts and heading out to sea. Who knows what will happen? That's the beauty of The Soul Sail.

Want to push past your comfort zone? Cool. We can help. Want nothing more than to relax, unwind and work on your tan? We can find you the best rays. Because the Soul Sail has no template, no expectations and no boundaries; this is simply about seven days in paradise getting down and dirty with everything life offers. Maybe that's a lobster dinner, maybe it's jumping out of a plane, and maybe it's doing beach yoga every morning at sunrise. The adventure is up to you, we're just here to make it happen. That's the belief. That's the Soul Sail.

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Our Social Promise

We believe that anything that isn't good for the soul, isn't worth your time. And so, The Soul Sail is dedicated to putting those around us first and foremost. We protect the environment like a big sister, work with our neighbors first, and focus on building local relationships that are enriching and sustainable. We work with as many small community vendors, entrepreneurs and venues as possible; believing that through our focus on humble businesses with admirable missions, we can help bring more change and balance into the world.